Review by Giuseppe Bacci

Patrizio Moscardelli captivates attention through his art work by means of his creative element in fun-looking works made of polyurethane foam material and  colored plastics which go from colored objects, canvases, suspended clouds from ceilings or on walls along with lightning & thunderbolts.

His works follow an insight on artistic research, enhancing and  revealing the essence of it through his expression. Moscardelli unravels  the difficulties of the art world, highlighting its profound meaning and course of existence, without escaping from reality, but emphasizing its extreme weakness.

His work embodies a deep and hidden meaning, leaving his uniqueness research intact. This is where some interesting opinions arise regarding the meaning of life, nature as well as the art world in which he has been involved for several decades developing  profound sporadic expressions and playful art works all in an almost disengaged manner which in a word can be described as: amazing.

In his works Patrizio Moscardelli likes to present a playful style, but he sincerely and fervently believes in the truth of art and commitments relating thereto; this exhibition signifies the reciprocity of the space-time in which the sequence of events’ where the artist shows a naive figurative interpretation and can collect the fruits of a long and easy-going artistic research. All this requires commitment, ability to look around and to deeply and intimately get involved.  The effort made by  Patrizio Moscardelli to add his view to the  wonderful concept of beauty, which belongs as much to poets as to artists and sculptors, is truly a festival of light.

Giuseppe Bacci, Art Critic,


Palazzina Azzurra SBT (AP) Italy