Review by Enrico Piergallini

Enrico Piergallini(teacher and town councilor) :

Tradition has it that the artistic creation receives strength from suffering. For Vittorio Sereni (poet), for example, the verses mean nothing more than “ashes” spread by “boredom” in fact “when there is joy it is sufficient unto itself”. Besides, how can we deny that art tries first of all, if not to fulfill completely, at least to fill an empty gap of the soul, that feeling of not belonging, loneliness and incompleteness that marked the biographies of the great classics of ancient and modern literature? Yet there is also a form of joyful art. Sometimes, indeed, the artist manages to keep a surprise intact and hidden, that amused curiosity, the desire to explore the world and change that only emerges during childhood with an irrepressible arrogance.

Moscardelli Patrizio’s work is exemplary in this regard. For him the world is a matter of non-stop shaping and reshaping to steal even the most simple, everyday objects (a tie, a shirt, a bicycle) from their grey ordinary reality. Essential tool for this new, playful interpretation of reality is the color which has been used. Take for example the present exhibition; another artist would have seen the undetermined form of a cloud, more or less under the form of geometric figures, shapes and lines.

But Patrizio’s imagination  has filled them with color, more specifically through a symbolic meaning to which the color alludes. The changing months, the alternate palpitations during a year, are so traced to the simple and playful chasing of colors that light up (or darken) the neutral face or far  too neutral clouds. We are led to understand that it is an art  that has not given in to excessive anxiety and the dark reflection that often threatens to tarnish the web of our imagination.

Briefly speaking, it is an art  or irrepressible energy, which must always be downloaded to the earth by means of the creation, this can be witnessed by the giant lightning pieces of art which burst electrical charges and which seem to represent the character of Moscardelli perfectly: a tireless and generous artist, always enthusiastic when it comes to involvement in new projects. A friend who has done much for the town of Grottammare, by donating his works and commitment giving it the color it deserves.