Review by Cala Rugger

To exist, to contemplate, to believe in something is what every man aims at.

All these things are of vital importance to an artist, continuously searching to find himself, to find his soul; mother nature is never hostile in fact, it is looking for him, it is reaching out, it’s almost a perfect symbiosis between his existence and, at times, the untouchable nature itself, just like his heart.

This artist is ready to convene with the zeal of his art work; colour is the way to obtain a possible contact whereby symbols and ideas are mingled together, all of which are poured onto that space where the unpredictable happens; the yearning for a perfect world, and so we have the symbol, and so we have the substance, a form which at first overwhelms your thought, the rhythm of your pulse becomes faster owing to what is happening inside your heart and in your mind.

The concentric circles reveal the entirety of an existence which is not intimidated by interruptions or if they should arise unexpectedly, to harm, premonitions of truth or rebellion, are catapulted inside a huge heart which beats and lives of intimate certainties.

Our artist with his subdued existence transmits his belief on his canvas, he is driven to express a thought, sometimes even his obscurity, his silences, his revelations which illuminate at times the concept of a lifetime dedicated to searching and infinity.

Cala Rugger

Association International

Des Critiques Littéraires

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