Review by Cesare Caselli

Moscardelli: Any object can become a work of art

Patrizio Moscardelli is a painter of modern times which in part, reminds us of the Der Blaue Reiter by W. Kandinsky but, more specifically, to Bauhaus by W. Gropius. His art is not just a visual  message, but  refers to craftsmanship, the fashion world as well as food and wine.

His art experiments in these fields  have obtained appreciated extraordinary results. The “Vinitaly” wine fair in Verona is where he painted his pictures using wines which made them smell so-wine good”! He invented “wine with a tie” by painting unique ties on the bottles of wine.

He then painted the traditional “pajarole” (woven baskets) made in Acquaviva Picena and the “setacci” (sieves) made in Baricella, Bologna.

He moved on to painting shirts, socks, shoes, boots and handbags to the delight of women.

Each one of his creations are unique works to wear and show with lively bright colors of  stylized and symbolic images that convey to the user a welcome message of astonished joy.

More than once, he has experimented with chocolate, painted in an original “soiree douce” the “plant of hearts” or “tree of love” using dark chocolate, milk and white chocolate with cocoa butter, a “delicacy” artistic confectionery.

For his unusual creations Patrizio uses a dense resin of pure colors, an indelible substance of a transparent and clear brightness, but he also works on canvas or plywood  using oil colors,  acrylics and water colors.



(by Cesare Caselli – Art critic)
Two are the essential components of his art work: fantasy and irony. With these fundamental elements that determine the singularity, main element of the artwork, he blends in an original, instinctive pop-art, optical-art, dripping, soaked in An unusual surrealism, which is not grotesque but seems permeated of a lyrical wonderland. The artistic content gives the idea of a true work, reality appears and then disappears, when a glimpse of an image appears,  it already becomes something else.
His art is then to be considered a changing art, moving within the work itself, something between figurative and abstract. Paul Delvaux, important twentieth century artist stated: “We must not forget that a picture is a painting  which means another reality, and just like  Delvaux, Patrizio  “shows without actually showing,  suggests without actually imposing” his work . We always wonder and ask : are his works unconventional, or do they refer to tradition and are highlighted in a modern language and challenge the current sloppy pseudo-conformist? This argument does not concern him because  Patrizio is living his paintings from the inside, while painting he is guided by a dream component, un-controlled by his will.